DesertView Library Access by Reservation

When:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 Noon.  Appointments are available in 20 minute segments. Only 4 people per time slot.

What is available:  Everything in the Library. DesertView Library no longer has paperbacks. Use the paperback collection at SaddleBrooke One Library.

Reserved books: If you have been notified that a book on reserve is available for pickup, the books will be available in the Lobby of the DesertView building or curbside west entrance, during the same hours. No reservations are required to pick up books on hold for you. 

How to make a reservation: Click on the SIGN UP button below. It’s that simple!

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Safety Protocols:

  • Everyone entering the Library must use hand sanitizer (provided) before touching the books.
  • Masks are required inside the building.
  • Appropriate distancing will be enforced
  • Library doors will remain open from 10 a.m. until noon to reduce touching of surfaces. You must have an appointment to enter the Library.

We appreciate your cooperation as we try to keep everyone safe while allowing access to the library collections.

Returns: All library materials must be returned to the Book Return box in the hallway, at any time the building is open. Returned books will continue to be quarantined following CDC recommendations for safe handling of library materials.

Curbside service: Reserve materials online and pick up on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon after you receive an email that they are ready for you. No reservation necessary for curbside pickup.

SaddleBrooke One Library

Grab and Go: Only the paperback collections are currently accessible on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, during hours that the SaddleBrooke One Clubhouse is open. The Library will not be staffed. Stop in, grab a few paperbacks and be on your way!  Paperbacks should be returned to the Library Book Return box in the hallway when you have finished reading them. Paperbacks are not listed in the catalog and cannot be reserved. For your safety, use hand sanitizer before touching the books and follow the posted safety protocols.    

Lobby pick up of reserved materials continues Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12:00 Noon to 2:00 p.m. inside the clubhouse.  Reserve books using the online catalog and pick up after you receive an email notice that they are ready. You may park under the portico in the 5 minute zone and come inside the SaddleBrooke Clubhouse lobby. The volunteer will hand you the reserved material.

Returns: All library materials from the SadldleBrooke One Library should be returned to the book return box whenever the clubhouse is open. All returns are quarantined following CDC guidelines for safe handling of Library materials.

Using the Libraries’ curbside services—General information

Finding items to reserve

You must be registered to use the libraries. The curbside service does not require a different account.  It’s the same catalog system. If you are already registered, your password is the same for both libraries.  If you are not registered to use the SaddleBrooke Community Libraries, or if you are having trouble accessing the on-line catalog, please email the library at saddlebrookelibraries@gmail.com.  To access the Library catalog, use the easy link to SaddleBrooke Libraries Online Catalog on the right-hand side of this page. Reserve movies, TV series, fiction and nonfiction books, large print books and audiobooks. Paperbacks are not listed in the catalog and cannot be reserved.  Looking for new books and movies?  Simply click on New Additions on the left side of the Online Catalog home page.

Curb-side pickup procedures

Email notices will be sent during the two hours before the scheduled curbside pickup times. Do not come to the library unless you receive an email notice that you have items to pick up.  If you don’t see the email notice in time, you can pick up at the next scheduled curbside date. You will have two chances to pick up items before they are given to the next person on the list. To efficiently manage the curbside service, the book or DVD will already be checked out to you when you receive the email.

Library materials can only be picked up at the location listed when you reserve them.  Only items listed for “DesertView” location can be picked up from the DesertView Library.   Only items listed for “SaddleBrooke” location can be picked up from the SaddleBrooke One Library. 

Overdue notices:

Due to the quarantine period for returned material, items will remain on your record for several days after you return them. Disregard overdue notices for items which you have recently returned.   There is no need to call the Library about your recently returned books. Your record will be cleared after the books are checked-in following the quarantine time. During these restricted service hours fines will not be assessed but please return all items to the library from which they were borrowed in a timely manner. 

Cholla Library:

The Cholla Library, located in the Mountain View Clubhouse is now open Monday through Friday, except the Library will be closed daily from 1:00-3:00 p.m. for disinfecting and safe management of returned and quarantined books.

The Cholla Library offers Large Print books, older and newer Fiction hardcover books and paperbacks and a selection of Nonfiction books. The Cholla Library operates on the honor system. No checkout is needed, but please return books to the book return box inside the Library. The Cholla Library collection is not listed in the catalog and books cannot be reserved. It is strictly a browsing collection. For your safety, you must wear a mask, use hand sanitizer when entering the library, and maintain appropriate social distance.

Disinfecting books

Concerned about handling library books that were checked out during this crisis and residing in people’s homes? Our research indicates that there is no evidence that the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted directly by handling a library book, unless it is touched immediately after an infected person sneezes on it. And tests have shown that the virus does not survive more than 24 hours on paper surfaces. But as a precaution we have plans in place to quarantine returned materials for 72 hours and disinfect books with plastic covers, DVD cases, and audiobook cases following CDC guidelines for safe handling of library materials.

Donating money

If you would like to make a donation in honor or memory of a friend or loved one, make your check payable to Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries (please note on the memo line who the donation is in honor/memory of) and send it to:

Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries PO Box 8844
Catalina, AZ 85738

Donations will directly benefit the SaddleBrooke Community Libraries.

Looking for eBooks?

The SaddleBrooke Community Libraries do not offer eBooks for financial, space, and staffing reasons. To learn more about why we are not able to offer this service, see the appropriate section under the Questions tab, which also includes links to sources for eBooks.


The SaddleBrooke Community Libraries are private libraries which exist to serve the leisure reading interests of SaddleBrooke, Arizona residents. There are three locations operating under one system. Each of the three libraries has their own special features making each library unique.

One Great Library System Serving All of SaddleBrooke One and Two

  • Online catalog of more than 10,000 books, audiobooks, videos
  • Reserve system
  • Over 80 volunteers staffing the libraries
  • Thousands of paperback books
  • Magazine exchange at each library
  • Large Print books

We have three library locations

  • SaddleBrooke HOA1 Clubhouse
  • DesertView Sports Club and Theater Center
  • MountainView HOA2 Clubhouse


Please return all items to the library from which they were borrowed.

Hours of Operation and Phone Numbers

SaddleBrooke One Library: Monday – Friday 9 AM to 4 PM, Saturday 9 AM to Noon
Phone Number: 917-3753

DesertView Library: Monday – Friday 9 AM to 4 PM, Saturday 9 AM to Noon
Phone Number: 818-1964

Cholla Library at MountainView: Open during clubhouse hours

Popular titles from SaddleBrooke book clubs

Lists of community book club selections are available in the SaddleBrooke One and DesertView Libraries.

Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries

The Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries (FSL) provides the funding to purchase new books, DVDs, and audiobooks for the SaddleBrooke Community Libraries. A library collection of current and reputable materials contributes to a more informed citizenry and a better educated community.

For more information about Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries, the fund raising organization which supports the SaddleBrooke Community Libraries, please visit their website (click on the link on the right-hand side of this page) or come to any of the three libraries to pick up a membership form. They sponsor a lecture series and author events, among other activities.