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It is hard to believe but 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of our libraries! The libraries had a modest beginning in 1990 when some dedicated women started collecting books, storing them in their garages, and when there was space, bringing them to the newly opened SaddleBrooke One clubhouse. The main room looked much as it does now and held the hardback and paperback collections. The small annex room in the back, which was once a janitor’s closet, had carousels for romance and non-fiction books, puzzles and a small space for processing the books. Items were checked out by writing the name of the book and the patron in a spiral bound notebook. When the book was returned a line was drawn through the person’s name. A card catalog kept track of the books in the collection. It seems archaic now, but at that time there just was no money to put into any resources other than a few new books a month.

Ann Parks, who oversaw the library from 1991 to 1998, had 60 boxes of books stored in her garage! Most of the books were donated but there also were some monetary contributions from patrons. She would take what she had and determine which could be sold at swap meets to buy new books for the library. Ann would travel to Pinetop in the summers and attend their swap meets and in the winter to the Tanque Verde swap meets. Initially, monies for the books were largely acquired from book sales which were held twice a year on the portico. She recently moved out of SaddleBrooke but her love of books was the beginning of what are now three vibrant libraries.

The libraries have grown so much in the past 30 years that we now have three libraries and each of the libraries has its own management team, along with a coordinator for the whole system. The managers guide the many friendly volunteers necessary to keep these libraries up to date and efficient. Due to space constraints each library has its own special collections.

About 20 years ago, some dedicated book lovers began a move to form a new organization, Friends of the SaddleBrooke Libraries, for the purpose of raising money for new books and other resources for the libraries. At about the same time, a new, small library room opened in the Mountain View clubhouse. The HOAs also helped fund some of the supplies needed to enhance the libraries, including new drop boxes and the computers which greatly changed the way the libraries operated.

Because of the popularity of the libraries, when the Desert View building was completed it had a dedicated room for a library which meant that there were now three libraries in SaddleBrooke! Some changes took place shortly after that with the remodeling of first the SaddleBrooke Clubhouse and later the Mountain View Clubhouse. These two major construction projects increased the shelving and work space in the SaddleBrooke One library, and created the Cholla Library at MountainView.

Volunteers are an essential part of the success of our libraries. When the SaddleBrooke library opened in 1990 it had a dedicated group of folks who not only sorted and selected books to shelve, but also had to store boxes of books in garages. From its humble beginnings of checking books out manually, the three libraries now have close to 100 volunteers and check out 67,000 items annually with a catalog system to manage the collection of books, videos and audiobooks.

SaddleBrooke Community Libraries are now planning a variety of special events to celebrate our 30 year anniversary. Along with the usual Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries events, there are plans for three open houses (one at each library), a game day and a garden party. All SaddleBrooke residents are invited to attend these events. Dates and times will be announced. We hope that you will visit the libraries on their open house dates and also attend some of the special events planned.

Remember, none of this is possible without the support of the Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries. They depend on the support of members to continue to provide the money to purchase new books, DVDs, audiobooks and the special collections. In addition they also provide funding for the lecture series and author luncheons, along with other events. Your membership is essential to continue to provide these resources for the enjoyment of everyone in SaddleBrooke. Visit their website: to learn more about the Friends, how to join, and continue 30 more years of enjoyment of the libraries in SaddleBrooke!!

SaddleBrooke Community Libraries

30th Anniversary Celebration in 2020

Watch for further details in the SaddleBrooke newspapers, e-mail blasts, and other media outlets



Join us during 2020 in celebration of 30 years of the SaddleBrooke Community Libraries.  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic all the Spring 2020 events will be re-scheduled to a later date.

  • March 16: Author Luncheon 11:30 AM at MV Ballroom: Jeff Siger – $30 – Rescheduled date to be determined
  • April 27: Open House Reception at SaddleBrooke One Library 3:30 to 5:30 – FREE – Rescheduled date to be determined
  • May 4: Open House Reception at DesertView Library 3:30 to 5:30 – FREE – Rescheduled date to be determined
  • May 11: Open House Reception at Cholla Library at MountainView 3:30 to 5:30 – FREE – Rescheduled date to be determined
  • August 10: Game Day and Buffet Lunch 9 AM to 1 PM at MountainView Clubhouse – $30
  • October 15: Monthly Lecture 4 PM at DesertView Theater: Jana Bommersbach – FREE
  • October 18: Garden Party 2:30 to 4:30 PM on the MV Lawn – $30
  • November 10: Author Luncheon 11:30 AM at MV Ballroom: Mark Sublette – $30
  • November 19: Monthly Lecture 4 PM at DesertView Theater: H. Christine Reid – $5.00 or free to members

Do You Belong to a Book Club?

The SaddleBrooke Libraries want to help!

The SaddleBrooke Community Libraries has compiled a list of expected book titles for the numerous community book clubs.  In order to serve your reading needs as best we can, the library system requests that interested book clubs provide their upcoming reading list. We will compare your list to the collection to ensure that requested titles are not withdrawn.  We will also investigate adding appropriate titles to the library’s collection.

What do you need to do?

Have the book club coordinator (just one member of each club, please) provide the expected reading list to Sharon Scanlan at the DesertView Library.  It is helpful to have:

  • The club’s contact information
  • The month the club is going to discuss the title
  • Any information you can provide about the particular book (such as publication date, fiction or non-fiction, and author).

Sharon will share this information with both cataloged libraries.  You can leave your printed list at the DesertView Library, attention Sharon, or if more convenient, at the SaddleBrooke One Library, attention Cathy.

We hope that this out-reach to coordinate with the local book clubs will be an on-going project and provide an added service to the community.  

Large Print Additions

All three libraries are actively enhancing their Large Print collections to include many current titles often found on the Best Seller lists.  In the SaddleBrooke One Library look for the “NEW” Large Print selections at the end of the regular Large Print collection.   In the DesertView Library the newest Large Print books are located at the beginning of the shelving for the New collection.  New Large Print selections circulate for 14 days.

Books for Sale

Both the DesertView and SaddleBrooke One Libraries have books for sale each day during library hours.  New titles are added almost daily, and the prices range from 50 cents to $5.  Proceeds go to purchasing new books.

Volunteer Openings

If you are interested in volunteering at one of the three SaddleBrooke Community Libraries please stop by DesertView or SaddleBrooke One Library and leave your name and number so the appropriate person can get back to you. Volunteers typically work a 3 ½ hour shift each week, year round. The available positions include:

  • The front desk volunteer, checking books in and out, and shelving. Need to be comfortable with using the computer.
  • Shelving books
  • Book processing, putting audios in covers, entering data into the computer system, making labels for books, etc.
  • Monitoring the Cholla Library at MountainView by shelving books that have been returned in the book drop, processing magazines for the shelf, and general clean up.
  • Sorting and pricing donated materials

For more information contact one of the Library Managers.

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