How to Access the SaddleBrooke Libraries Online Catalog

In order to create your own account and access it from home you must first be a registered patron in the library’s data base. If you are not registered to use the SaddleBrooke Community Libraries, or if you are having trouble accessing the Online Catalog, please email the library at or use the Contact Us link.  If you have been checking out books from the SaddleBrooke Community Libraries, you are already registered. From here you enter your “bar code” which is the 7-digit local phone number you use at the library to check out books (no dashes or area code), or the long distance cell phone number you provided when registering, including the area code. Then click on “Forgot your password?” and the system will send you an e-mail with a link which allows you to create your own password for the Online Catalog.

Each household registered to use the SaddleBrooke Community Libraries typically uses one phone number. If more than one member of the household wishes to keep a separate patron record to keep track of previously read titles, each member must have a separate phone number. This can be a cell phone number. We ask that patrons use only valid phone numbers because the volunteers may need to call you.

The Online Catalog has several useful features which can be accessed from home, including:

  • Sign into your library account and see what you currently have checked out
  • Renew books from home on your computer
  • Reserve any cataloged item in the collection
  • E-mail alerts – reminders your books are overdue, your reserved item is ready to be picked up, and other notifications
  • View your transaction history to see books you have previously checked out
  • Ask for print outs of items you have just checked out
  • Discover the most recently added items to the collections


Using the Filters

  • At the top of the SaddleBrooke Libraries Online Catalog, under the box “Enter Search Criteria,” you will see five boxes with up and down arrows.  They are Keywords, All Forms, All Time Periods, All Collections, and All Locations.  These are called Filters and can be used to narrow a search. 

How do I find the newest Fiction/DVDs/Audiobooks?

  1. Look at New Additions on the lefthand side of the Home Page, or
  2. To narrow your search to Books only, click on the All Forms box and select “Books.”
  3. Choose your time frame.  Instead of  All Time Periods, select 90 days, for example.
  4. Under Collections, choose 7-Day New Fiction (or 14-Day New Fiction), for the newest fiction.
  5. Want to see what New Fiction is available for pickup at the DesertView Library? Choose DesertView as your Location. 

Using the Catalog Details

  • When you locate an item you want to explore, find the Catalog Details by clicking on the title. 
  • Anything that is in light blue may be clicked on for further information. 
  • Say you want to know how many pages are in John Le Carre’s book “A Legacy of Spies.”
  • Type in “A Legacy of Spies” in Search Criteria.
  • When the book displays, the title is in light blue.  Click on it and scroll down to Catalog Details.  The number of pages is displayed as well as a summary of the plot.
  • If you want to see what other books we have by John Le Carre, click on his name to get the list.

How can I find a new author?  I love a good spy novel, but I’ve read all of John Le Carre’.

  1. Type in John Le Carre’ in the Search Criteria. 
  2. When his books display, click on the title of one of them to look at the Catalog Details. 
  3. Scroll down to the bottom to see the Subjects and Genres. 
  4. Now use those Subjects and Genres and the Filter boxes to find similar books. Go back to Search Criteria.  Type in Spy fiction.
  5. Under Keywords, arrow to Subject.
  6. Choose Book under All Forms.
  7. You can also try Intelligence Officers Fiction or any other phrase that was displayed under Subjects or Genres in the book’s Catalog Details.

Need help or more information?  Email us with your questions at the Contact Us link on the home page.